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Second Christmas for Advertisers in Super Bowl 50

12 February 2016

NFL’s biggest day has come and gone and once again the following day’s social media is full of posts about it.

Today brands and companies rely heavily on social media platforms, especially as TV advertising spots now cost up to $6million! Since 2006 the Super Bowl has generated over $2.36billion in advertising sales.

Social media is free promotion for brands, and they are definitely making the most of it.

The importance of social media for brands is at a peak. Brands use social media because it allows them access to a vast amount of people and quickly.  This instant access coupled with the audience of the Super Bowl has had a significant impact on the way in which brands engage with potential customers. This is also reflected in the way in which the media and music industry has changed over the years.

The Super Bowl is like the new Christmas for advertising.

This year alone Super Bowl ads have generated a staggering 476 million online video views and 5.8 million social interactions according to iSpot.tv.

Of the 62.4 million online views counted on Super Bowl game day, Facebook viewing accounted for more than half, and 20 million views that ran on YouTube were organic, or unpaid.

On Super Bowl day Mountain Dew’s #PuppyMonkeyBaby drove the most social activity with 250,000 interactions! The twitter hash tag, was used over 65,000 times on game day. Wow that’s a lot!

Top advert digital activity on the day:

Hyundai (13%), Mountain Dew (12%), T Mobile (11%), Budweiser (5.37%), Doritos (5%)

As well as social media advertisers still fell to the failsafe option of using celebrities for their adverts just to boost the amount of views or interactions. Of those top 5 Super Bowl brands, 3 of them featured an A list celebrity.

With the rise of social media and increasing competition, achieving stand out success is going to keep getting tougher trying to achieve authenticity.

When it comes to the Super Bowl, is it now just a tool for companies to hitch their bandwagon to in order to get recognition from a captive audience. You can see the super bowl is turning more into just a platform for brands, companies and performing artists just to try and reach a huge audience and sell their products to the mass.

And whose had enough of this? I sure have.

Written by Henry Stanford.

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