Case study — Massive Attack / The Times


To drive increased sales and deepen brand loyalty through content giveaway.



Our idea was to find a music artist whose brand values and demographic correlated with those of The Times' readership and to work with that artist across multiple channels to deliver high quality exclusive content.



iTunes download of ten free Massive Attack tracks, including new exclusive material.

Our connections in the music industry enabled us to go directly to the artist management and license premium content.

A strategic pre-promotion approach carried out over two weeks to ensure success of promotion on the day was carried out:

  1. Pre-promotes: The newspaper advertised the promotion in print the week leading up to its release, which included a double page spread interview with the band as well as other unique content.
  2. TV Advertising: Week long TV advertising took place on the build of the promotion; a bespoke advert was created to raise public awareness.
  3. Online plugging: The promotion was advertising on iTunes, in the newspaper and the band's website, Facebook page and Twitter page, E-mails to over 100,000 newspaper subscribers.


1.4 million uniquely coded iTunes gift cards were created. The mechanics consisted of an iTunes card given away in the paper, the consumer being able to enter the unique promotional code on iTunes and be redirected to a Massive Attack branded landing page.

The paper saw an increase of 17% in circulation for that weekend.