Case study — Oasis / The Times


To drive brand switching and customer loyalty through a digital and physical promotion of a contemporary global band.



Having previously worked with The Times, Upfront already had an in depth understanding of its consumer base; coupled with our vast experience in music entertainment promotions we possessed the perfect formula to meet our client's brief.



Through the understanding of the target market we gave our client a list of potential acts which all met the criteria and each had something slightly different to offer. Once the client decided on Oasis being the perfect partner for this promotion we set about marketing the promotion in the 4 main media streams: TV, Online, In-paper and on the radio.



A significant increase in week long sales with a free digital track being given away each day for the 5 days running up to the physical disc giveaway. The Times sold an additional 11% daily with a further 16% on the day of the physical disc being in-paper.


Oasis / Noel Gallagher

The Times

We creatively conceived and secured a three way media and instore promotions partnership between the UK’s biggest boy band, McFly, MacDonalds and The Mail on Sunday.