Branded entertainment

Branded entertainment is an effective way for brands to engage with their audience and create active brand fans rather than passive consumers. We offer a comprehensive suite of services in this area.

Case studies

Blue square / The Ashes


For Blue Square, the Ashes 2009 presented a dual opportunity. Firstly, the exciting event is an obvious perfect fit for a gaming site and relevant to their product and audience. Secondly, Blue Square’s main competitor, Betfair, is the official English Cricket Board sponsor of the Ashes. Creating some guerrilla, ‘unofficial sponsorship’ activity was the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of sponsorship and steal their competitor's thunder.



A tongue-in-cheek 'mickey-taking' strategy with ambush marketing execution perfectly accomplished the desired goal.



Matt Jagger's team brokered a year-long sponsorship with England’s unofficial fanclub, The Barmy Army. The sponsorship included branding on The Barmy Army’s website and fanzine, at-event, apparel, at the event and on its own gaming microsite. 

The jewel in the crown was the music video ‘Hey Hey Ricky’, written and produced by Matt Jagger’s team. The song positioned as cricket's 'Three Lions’ was a light-hearted jibe at Australia’s captain Ricky Ponting, as was performed by the Barmy Army, released via iTunes and hosted on YouTube. 

To ensure media coverage was brought in as launch partner, guaranteeing further online presence for the video through their website, and providing branded collateral at Ashes events, as well as coverage in the paper itself.


Results – Some of the highlights

Featured on ITV News At Ten, BBC's The One Show, BBC Five Live, Sky News, Talksport and Australia Channel 7 News Live debate on BBC Radio 4 with Dominic Lawson, 100,000+ combined hits on YouTube, ten week presence on The Sun's website, features in The Sun and Times newspapers.

* This work was carried out by Matt Jagger whilst he was working for Naked Communications.


Foster’s / Original Comedy Content


Foster's advertising worked to drive awareness and calls to action but it was not engaging the target audience of tribal drinkers. Foster's needed an engagement platform that would put the brand front-of-mind and drive consumer loyalty and trial in the fiercely competitive standard larger market.



Tribal drinkers' nights out are fuelled with banter around the subjects close to their hearts – football, girls and comedy. Comedy fitted with Foster's brand DNA and was a relatively brand free entertainment environment.



A three-pronged entry into the world of comedy through the following: Sponsorship of the Edinburgh Comedy Awards to raise credibility; sponsorship of Channel 4’s comedy season to raise awareness and development of original comedy content to be distributed through Foster's-owned channels to drive engagement. In particular, bringing back comedy classic Alan Partridge!



Over 5 million views of Alan Partidge’s mid-morning matters via Foster’s branded channels winning Foster’s the prestigious ‘Best Digital Campaign Award’ at the 2011 Marketing Society Awards and making it one of the most successful branded entertainment activations ever seen in the UK.

* This work was carried out by Matt Jagger whilst he was working for Naked Communications.


Nestlé / Microsoft Flying Games


Nestlé wanted to strengthen the credibility of their on-pack promotions in the ‘kids’ cereal category, as well as promote brand loyalty and new shopper trials.



Children love games. Credibility is gained through the world’s leading hardware and software producer.

Upfront has a wealth of experience in on-pack and in-pack promotional content and concepts. We have been working with this format of promotion for over fifteen years.



We partnered with Microsoft to create a bespoke series of branded children’s flying games for an on-pack giveaway.


Nestlé / Fitness Bollywood


Nestlé sought to reinforce the positioning of its Fitness brand by further exposing the Flat Belly program to new and existing consumers using a unique and engaging on-pack & digital promotion.



Exercising is seen by many to be boring and inaccessible. Music and dance are fun and inspirational.



We created 2 bespoke Bollywood dance routines offering to consumers an exciting and engaging way to keep fit whilst appealing to their sense of intrigue and exploration.

* All Packaging and Point-of-Sale designed by Ocean Branding