Case studies

Nestlé / Star Wars Wars Motion Comic


To deliver an on-pack promotion for Q4 2015 in partnership with Disney Star Wars in anticipation of the release of Episode 7.



Upfront worked with Marvel studios to produce exclusive motion comics and a motion comic builder. The promotion was delivered through a bespoke website and accessed via unique codes printed inside cereal packs. To add value to the digital offering a downloadable template was also created to help consumers turn their cereal boxes in to a storm trooper helmet.



The promotion featured on 20 million cereal packs in 50+ global markets and 25 languages. The promotion was a huge success and the website received in excess of 1.4 million views over the duration of the promotion. 


Mecca / Everyone's A Winner


To drive new members of Mecca Bingo clubs (online & physical) through a prize winning opportunity – To reward existing customers with an opportunity to win prizes.


Strategic Insight

The prizes must be easily enjoyed by the audience – Give them something they really actually want and that can be easily accessed.


Creative Idea

A prize for everyone who participates in the promotions divided into a number of tiers – Hence Everyone’s A Winner!


Content Idea

A top tier of holiday and day trip prizes, through electronic and white goods to free bingo lines


Content Production

The prizes were sourced from a variety of wholesalers and service providers and dispatched from the Upfront offices direct to the consumer.


Channel Activation

Online (, in store (Mecca Bingo Clubs) and direct mail



26,000 new customers over the campaign period, with a 25% increase in mobile customers.


American Express / Amazon


To increase young people's awareness of the American Express brand through an off-pack promotion.



With our vast experience in the music industry we identified the appeal of live music events for the demographic, as well as the importance of digital music.



A credit card shaped free download was distributed to those attending a series of gigs at Somerset House. This enabled the download of eleven free tracks from the co-branded landing page on, one from each of the artists playing.



The promotion drove young people to the co-branded landing page — 89% of those who received the co-branded Amex music card went on to download the free music — a hugely successful redemption rate. Of the 89%, as further validation of the partnership, 21% went on to purchase other content available on the Amazon website.


Gallo Wine / Film Club


We created a partnership with Universal Pictures and Gallo Family Vineyards to launch a film club so friends and family can enjoy the magical experience of the big screen at home whist enjoying a glass of their favourite Gallo wine.

The aim was to engage with Gallo’s existing and potential new audience with a promotion that could be activated through a variety of platforms, including in store, through online & social media, and physical launch party and sampling tours.



To engage with Gallo Wines existing and potential new audiences with a promotion that could also be activated on further platforms.



We created a branded Film Club driven by a partnership promotion with Universal Films, offering a free DVD from the Gallo Film Club website via a unique code found on special bottle kneckers. The Film Club now offers 30 top titles, providing customers with a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy a glass of wine with family and friends.

Members are also able to invite friends to their movie night via Facebook, receive newsletters and access a dedicated microsite for the Film Club, offering film, food, and wine suggestions.





Nestlé / SpongeBob Game


Digital promotion with a focus on getting kids & families active in partnership with Nickelodeon. Soccer-training-based video content (to tie in with World Cup) delivered as a web app, accessed via unique code printed inside cereal packs.

The promotion featured on 10 million cereal packs in 50+ markets and in 20+ languages.