Loyalty Clubs

Case studies

The Daily Mail / St John Ambulance


To create a collectable first aid themed newspaper promotion to drive newspaper sales


Strategic Insight

St John Ambulance were chosen as the promotion partner to provide content, credibility and promotional exposure for them


Creative Idea

A series of collectable A5 laminated first aid cards picked up via retail and a free first aid kit for every reader


Content Idea

Essential and educational tips on different types of family first aid subjects


Content Production

8 different laminated A5 cards were designed and printed and 4 million were given away in partner retailers – WH Smiths and Tescos over one week


Channel Activation

TV advertised with pick up in retail and online and in paper offer with upsell



Generated a 12% increase in newspaper sales across the promotional week and 90,000 sales of upsell items. Also provided St John Ambulance with a full week of mass market exposure for the charity


Blur / The Times


To further establish the newspaper's music association and drive trial for non-Times readers.



Choosing the right artist is essential in order to guarantee that the promotion is a success. Timing plays an equally important role, as building a promotion around a global event enables added interest and the utilisation of the existing media and PR campaign around that event.



We secured the exclusive rights to Blur’s live recordings from their massive comeback tour -  including highlights from their infamous Glastonbury set from which we created a bespoke 10 track CD which was included as a free giveaway with The Sunday Times. Then for each of the following 5 days the readers of The Times were able to download one free live Blur track every day from iTunes.

To amplify this promotion, we undertook a multi-channel advertising and PR campaign including TV ads, Radio, Editorial and an online-only competition to win a limited edition Blur poster.



19% circulation increase on the day of the CD release with a further average increase of 5% for each day the Newspaper featured the free download.

Shortly following the promotion an independent online poll was held of 1000 people, with the question ‘Which National Newspaper do you best associate with music’. The Times came top of the poll with 71% of the votes.


Oasis / The Times


To drive brand switching and customer loyalty through a digital and physical promotion of a contemporary global band.



Having previously worked with The Times, Upfront already had an in depth understanding of its consumer base; coupled with our vast experience in music entertainment promotions we possessed the perfect formula to meet our client's brief.



Through the understanding of the target market we gave our client a list of potential acts which all met the criteria and each had something slightly different to offer. Once the client decided on Oasis being the perfect partner for this promotion we set about marketing the promotion in the 4 main media streams: TV, Online, In-paper and on the radio.



A significant increase in week long sales with a free digital track being given away each day for the 5 days running up to the physical disc giveaway. The Times sold an additional 11% daily with a further 16% on the day of the physical disc being in-paper.


R.E.M. / The Times


To drive increased sales and deepen brand loyalty through a content give-away.



Find a music artist whose brand values and demographic match those of The Times and work with that artist across multiple channels to deliver high quality exclusive content to the The Times readers.



iTunes download of 10 free R.E.M. tracks, including new exclusive material.

Our connections in the music industry enabled us to go directly to the artist management and license premium quality content.

A strategic pre-promotion approach carried out over 2 weeks to ensure success of promotion on the day was carried out:

1. Pre-promotes: The newspaper advertised in print the promotion the week leading up to its release which included a double page spread interview with the band as well as other unique content.

2. TV Advertising: Week-long TV advertising took place on the build of the promotion; a bespoke advert was created to raise public awareness.

3. Online plugging: The promotion was advertising on the iTunes, Newspaper and Bands website/Facebook/Twitter page, E-mails to over 118,000 Newspaper subscribers.



1.5 million uniquely coded iTunes gift cards were created, the mechanic consisted of an iTunes card being given away in paper; the consumer would then type the unique promotional code onto the iTunes website and be redirected to an R.E.M. branded landing page.

The result for the paper was an increase of 19% in circulation for that weekend.